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Aditya Pratap Singh

</ Full-Stack Developer >

Developer / Designer, credited with designing the core features. Have experience in analysis, design, development, testing and implementation of desktop and web-applications...[..]

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Python: ================
Java: ================
PHP: ================


</ Web Designer & Co-Op >

UI designer with a passion for designing beautiful and functional user experiences. Minimalist who believes that less is more. Have considerable experience in HTML/CSS, JS/Jquery etc..[..]

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JQuery: ================
HTML: ================
PHP: ================

Shivam Verma

</ Front-End Developer >

Front-end developer who focuses on writing clean, elegant and efficient code. Loves to work with HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Wordpress and a touch of JQuery/Javascript, also an avid blogger..[..]

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WP: ================
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