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Welcome to IgnouCalculator's grade-card section, this percentage calculator allows you to get detailed analysis of your marks. Now no more hours of manual head-scratching trying to calculate academic performance of yourself and your friends, just fill your enrollment number above and get the results in seconds.

Every IGNOU student needs ideas and suggestions to make a final year project / synopsis, for the partial fulfillment of the requirement for BCA / MCA programmes. Get Access to 0+ free projects prototypes and synopsis in various technologies and languages. Get free access just by becoming a member of IgnouCalculator and access our vast project repository.
Semester Performance: If you are eager to analyze your performance semester-wise, this tool fulfills this need too. IgnouCalculator allows you to check your program performance both in overall and semester-wise manner in graphical as well as textual representations. Using this tool you can enhance and tweak your skills as per your performance.

Solved Assignments: Team IgnouCalculator churns out assignment solution-sets every semester. The assignments are prepared in-line with IGNOU's study materials, are concise and to-the-point which will help a student complete the tedious task. The assignments are a compulsory requirement for BCA / MCA programmes which carry 30% weightage on overall marks, therefore the student must take this task very seriously.

Worried about Term-End exams?

Team IgnouCalculator got you covered here too! We provide video tutorials for crucial courses like BCS-012, BCS-042, MCS-031 etc. Access video tutorials along with proper guidance of typical subjects by our team and crack IGNOU term-end exams easily.

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